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Alert from the President regarding omission of Treasurer’s article from May Newsletter.
Do to some issues with the printer several corrections were not made in the May newsletter. Additionally an article from your Treasurer that should have been included was omitted. As your President I am taking full responsibility for this error. While there are other people involved in the process the buck stops here as they say. All of us that work at putting the newsletter together take this job very seriously and are committed to giving the members accurate and timely information. I want to make it clear to you, the members that the omission of the treasurer’s article was not the fault of your treasurer in any way. I apologize for this oversight and will continue to try to do my best for you and see that these errors do not continue.
Thank you,
Garry D. Smith- President
Treasurer Report for Newsletter
Grassroots Help Needed

GRASSROOTS EFFORT Letter TO Congressman Chris Gibson

The purpose of this Association shall be to improve the methods used by rural letter carriers, to benefit their conditions of labor with the United States Postal Service (USPS), and to promote a fraternal spirit among its members.

Recruit A Friend Today (RAFT)
The National office has announced that the RAFT program will continue. National is offering the new member three (3) months of membership free; the referring member will receive $ 15.00 for each RCA and $ 50.00 for each PTF or Regular Carrier they refer by signing them up on PS Form 1187, dues withholding.

NYRLCA state board has also renewed the referral rewards for recruiting a new member, both the new member and the one referring will receive $ 25.00 for RCA’s and $50.00 for PTF’s and Regular Carriers.

New Hires may join the union immediately! There is NO waiting period with the union. If you have a new hire relief carrier in your office hand them, P.S. Form 1187 dues withholding form and the Application from the link below,to fill out make sure the referring person is listed and then mail it to:
NYRLCA Secretary
Fred Kinner
PO Box 254
Horseheads NY 14845


Application for Membership

To become a member click here